Manufactured superstars - magnetic ep

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I got asked to do this remix by http:///manufactured-superstars and said YES right away. I heard a challenge in it... in transforming a light-hearted song with Luciana's amazing vocals into my type of chugging heavy bass track. Changing time signatures and drum patterns, this one is defiantly one for the ravers and ragers. 70 - 87 bpm Transition change Out now on Beatport: http:///track/calling-all-the-lovers-feat-luciana-figure-remix/3962790 FIGURE http:// http:///imfigure http:///imfigure MANUFACTURED SUPERSTARS http:///manufacturedsuperstars http:///mf_superstars

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Manufactured Superstars - Magnetic EPManufactured Superstars - Magnetic EPManufactured Superstars - Magnetic EPManufactured Superstars - Magnetic EP