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I have seen, however, movies nearly as unbelievable as "Wild Orchid" that nevertheless stirred me at an erotic level. (The original " Emmanuelle " was one, and "9 1/2 Weeks" was another.) Apparently the lesson to be learned here is that sexuality itself is not enough, nor is nudity or passion. What is required is at least some notion that the personalities of the characters are really connecting. Unless they find each other sexy, why should we?

Field Hockey Girls Rule by RandyPan Story Codes: ff, oral, cons, mas Celebs: Elle Fanning, Kara Hayward, Joey King, Kiernan Shipka, Morgan Lily, Willow Shields This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Also, if you like this … Continue reading →

While the Space and Galaxy Rangers destroyed Psycho Pink, Kendrix went to destroy the Savage Sword , despite Cassie and the other Rangers rushing to stop her. Kendrix destroyed the Savage Sword with her Quasar Saber, but at the cost of her life from the Savage Sword's backlash blast. The other rangers arrived too late as the storm faded away. They were greeted by Kendrix's spirit, who told them "I'm okay. I'll always be here," and disappeared in her spirit form, leaving Cassie's morpher repaired and the other Rangers heartbroken for her sacrifice and death.

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 · Kate Beckinsale has caused some raised eyebrows with her new romance. And Piers Morgan couldn't help but give his opinion on the 43-year-old's relationship ...

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Morgan - Damon Wild Wild Flowerchild - AvionMorgan - Damon Wild Wild Flowerchild - AvionMorgan - Damon Wild Wild Flowerchild - AvionMorgan - Damon Wild Wild Flowerchild - Avion