Godfather - ten hits no convictions

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The widow Andolini (Maria Carta), dressed in black, walks alongside young nine year old Vito Corleone, né Andolini (Oreste Baldini) at the funeral of her husband, Antonio Andolini. Two gunshots are heard, and everyone scatters for cover. Paolo's body is discovered slain on the ground - the fourteen year-old son has been murdered by orders of the local Mafia Chieftain Don Francesco Ciccio (Giuseppe Sillato). The widow kneels in front of the chieftain, who is seated on the porch of his baronial villa sipping wine with his bodyguards. She pleads, in Sicilian, for him to spare her remaining son's life:

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Soon after his meeting with Sollozzo, Don Corleone is gunned down in an assassination attempt just outside his office, and it is not immediately known whether he has survived. Fredo Corleone had been assigned driving and protection duty for his father when Paulie Gatto, the Don's usual bodyguard, had called in sick. Fredo proves to be ineffectual, fumbling with his gun and unable to shoot back. When Sonny hears about the Don being shot and Paulie's absence, he orders Clemenza (Richard S. Castellano) to find Paulie and bring him to the Don's house.

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by Mario Puzo and Francis Ford Coppola


Transcribed by Drew "Capo Paulie" Welsh
and J Geoff Malta for

Godfather - Ten Hits No ConvictionsGodfather - Ten Hits No ConvictionsGodfather - Ten Hits No ConvictionsGodfather - Ten Hits No Convictions